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Books are supposed to be the best friend for all. On this very line T R C Law College has a central library with books both in Hindi and English. These are treasure house of knowledge. The library is an integral part of teaching and learning and is committed to maintain an adequate quality collection comprising curricular and co-curricular study material to meet the current educational and professional needs. To keep the library abreast of the professional arena, Broadband connection is provided to connect the college with the world to have contemporary knowledge. The library is also decorated with membership of DELNET through which e- journals can also be downloaded for free of charge.


Adequate outdoor sports facilities for volleyball, badminton, basketball, cricket, javelin throw, discus throw, hammer throw, etc can be made available to the students. This instills in them comradeship but also a quality of Leadership and team spirit. The students learn to accept both victory and defeat equally well.

Personality development

"Yasmin jivati jivanti bahvah sotra jivati
Vayamsi Kim Na kurvanti cancava svodarapuranam"

The person whose life becomes an inspiration to millions of people, to lead a noble life, that person alone is said to be living." To make this a reality personality development classes by legal experts and management gurus are held to make the students realize their full potential to come out on top. Student Exchange Programme: The institute aims to have a student exchange programme for training the students into all-rounder’s in the economical and political field and give them comprehensive knowledge and skills for a good prosecutor.

Moot Court

To become a good advocate you need yourself equipped with good presentation skills. These skills can be enhanced by practicing in the moot courts. The moot court is basically an activity that is followed for the betterment of the presentation and argument skills of the students. It helps students equip themselves to the standards of the society. The institute, in its quest for the pragmatic world, organizes moot court for its students. This enhances confidence to find cases and to find proper solution in their professional life. In Moot court the student goes for hypothetical cases and its discussion which is viewed by a supervisor. In fact, moot point itself means an undecided dispute point and therefore where the students of law conduct a court by themselves as a part of practical training in the moot court itself.


This is pivot around which the sprawling campus turns. The students enjoy their extempore at different times as this theatre offers them a golden chance to develop this skill.


Seminars and open discussions form an essential part of the curriculum. For any new bill or law made becomes the point of open discussion or a seminar is organized for the same. For the coming forth there similar events to be held.


JUNTAS, the group of learned counsels, who are able to mesmerize their listeners with their magnetic communication skills, need to have a synchronous temperament. To serve this great cause, the institute has three different clubs, viz; Takshak, Romsha (exclusively for girls) and Chanakya. These clubs will create opportunities for members and make use of their inner resources for their career.

Cultural Events

Co curricular activities held in the college help the students to understand each other and develop a sense of togetherness and team building. For nearly every month there are imperative days that need to be known by the students and by their celebration one can learn the importance of these particular days. The College organizes a one week sports program and there after organizes the human rights day on 10th December every year. This day is celebrated for developing the sense of rights that are being created for common man by the constitution.


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LLB 3 and 5 Year Examination Form Filling From 01/05/2019 to 15/05/2019

All student of LLB. 3 and 5 year are informed to contact college latest by 20 December 2018 for any correction in their Name, Fathers Name or any other data.

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LL.B. 3 and 5 year Exam Form Filling From 12 Nov. 2018 to 20 Nov. 2018

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LL.B. 6th Semester (3 Year) aur 7th Semester (5 year) ke Practical 29 August 2018 ko Honge. College me report kare 09:00 AM per.

LL.B. 3 and 5 Year Exam Start From 21 July 2018

LL.B. 6 Semester: Moot Court 02 April 2018 12:00 PM se hogi, College uniform me upasthiti aniwarya. Upasthiti ke adhar per hi exam form bhare jaye ge.

LL.B 6 Semester Practical Exam on 17 Feb. 2018

LL.B 5 Semester Practical Exam on 18 Feb. 2018

LL.B 3 Semester Practical Exam on 16 Feb. 2018

LL.B 3 & 5 Year Exam Scheme-Exam Starts from 25 Jan 2018

LL.B 5 & 6 Sem Practical File Distribution

LL.B 3&5 year(1,3,4&6 Sem)Exam Form - 1 Nov To 15 Nov 2017

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