LL.B. 5 Year Course

LL.B. Five years' full time degree course offered by T.R.C. Law College is recognized by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Awadh University, Faizabad and approved by the Bar Council of India, New Delhi. As per the norms of Bar Council of India this programme is stretched over 10 semesters. Upon the successful completion of law an integrated degree of “B.A. L.L.B.” (Honours) would be awarded. The objective of the programme is to equip students with legal skills essential to make a designation in the said field.

Semester one Semester two
Paper I General English-I Paper I General English-II
Paper II Sociology-I Paper II Sociology-II
Paper III Economics-I Paper III Economics-II
Paper IV History-I Paper IV History-II
Paper V Public International Law Paper V Human Rights and International Law
Paper VI Law of Contract-I Paper VI Law of Contract-II
Semester three

Semester four

Paper I Legal Language Including General English Paper I Sociology-IV
Paper II Sociology-III Paper II Economics-IV
Paper III Economics-III Paper III History-IV
Paper IV History-III Paper IV Interpretation of Statutes
Paper V Constitutional Law -I Paper V Constitutional Law-II
Paper VI Family Law –I Paper VI Family Law-II
Semester five

Semester Six

Paper I Political Science -I Paper I Political Science -II
Paper II Psychology-I Paper II Psychology-II
Paper III Law of Crimes-I Paper III Law of Crimes-II
Paper IV Jurisprudence-I Paper IV Jurisprudence-II
Paper V Law of Torts-I Paper V Law of Torts-II
Paper VI Labour and Industrial Law -I Paper VI Labour and Industrial Law –II
Semester Seven Semester Eight
Paper I Political Science –III Paper I Political Science –IV
Paper II Property Law Paper II Law Of evidence
Paper III Company Law Paper III Civil Procedure code and Limitation Act
Paper IV Women and the Law Paper IV Law and the Child
Paper V Criminal Procedure Code-I Paper V Criminal Procedure code –II
Paper VI Professional Ethics, Professional Accounting System and Bar-Bench Relations Paper VI Practical Training: Pleading, Drafting and conveyancing
Semester Nine Semester Ten
Paper I

Environment Law Including Laws for the Protection of the Wildlife and other living creatures including Animal welfare.

Paper I Administration Law
Paper II Criminology and Penology Paper II Intellectual Property Law
Paper III  Arbitration, Conciliation and Alternate dispute Resolution System Paper III International Organisation
Paper IV  Law of Insurance Paper IV Taxation Laws
Paper V Land Laws including Ceiling and other Local Laws-I Paper V Land Laws Including ceiling and other Local Laws-II
Paper VI Alternate Dispute Resolution (Practical training) Paper VI Practical Training (Moot court, Pre-trail Preparations and Participation in trail Proceedings)

Pass Criterion in Semester system

As per Dr. R.M.L. Awadh University norms every student must secure aggregate 45% marks in at least 8 papers out of 14 papers (6 papers of Ist semester and 6 papers of IInd semester) in a year. However passing marks in a subject is 36%. If a student secures below 36% in any of the six papers of a semester, the University declares his result as failed but he/she will be promoted to the next semester.


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  Semester 1 Semester 2
  Semester 3 Semester 4
  Semester 5 Semester 6
  Semester 7 Semester 8
  Semester 9 Semester 10

Fee Structure

Fee is taken as per Government Orders of Uttar Pradesh and University rules.


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LLB 3 and 5 Year Examination Form Filling From 01/05/2019 to 15/05/2019

All student of LLB. 3 and 5 year are informed to contact college latest by 20 December 2018 for any correction in their Name, Fathers Name or any other data.

LLB. 3 (3rd / 5th Sem)and 5 year (7th / 8th Sem) Practical File Checking Last Date 20/12/2018

LL.B. 3 and 5 year Exam Form Filling From 12 Nov. 2018 to 20 Nov. 2018

LL.B. 4th Semester ke Practical Exam 28 August 2018 ko Honge. College reporting ka Time - Roll NO. 16194001 - 16194135 --- 09:00 AM Roll NO. 16194136 - 16194238 --- 12:00 PM

LL.B. 6th Semester (3 Year) aur 7th Semester (5 year) ke Practical 29 August 2018 ko Honge. College me report kare 09:00 AM per.

LL.B. 3 and 5 Year Exam Start From 21 July 2018

LL.B. 6 Semester: Moot Court 02 April 2018 12:00 PM se hogi, College uniform me upasthiti aniwarya. Upasthiti ke adhar per hi exam form bhare jaye ge.

LL.B 6 Semester Practical Exam on 17 Feb. 2018

LL.B 5 Semester Practical Exam on 18 Feb. 2018

LL.B 3 Semester Practical Exam on 16 Feb. 2018

LL.B 3 & 5 Year Exam Scheme-Exam Starts from 25 Jan 2018

LL.B 5 & 6 Sem Practical File Distribution

LL.B 3&5 year(1,3,4&6 Sem)Exam Form - 1 Nov To 15 Nov 2017

LL.B 3 and 5 year (3, 4 & 6 Sem) Fee Submission

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