What Lawyers Do ?

Having been law students we can speak only of our own experiences and learnings. The world has leaders and it has followers. Both serve distinct but critical roles but if you go to India's best law schools then you will learn to be a leader, to bear that responsibility and discharge it faithfully. You will think beyond problems and see the solutions and you will find ways to make those solutions happen and change something for the better - yes, you will bring CHANGE. You could do this whilst standing before the Supreme Court or at the heart of the corporate world - where you are wont make you less of a leader.

Alumni of the top law schools, notably the National Law School in Bangalore, have excelled in diverse areas. They walk the corridors of the Supreme Court, the various High Courts, the top corporate law firms and business houses, agencies of the United Nations and the other stellar organizations. Alumni of these colleges even teach at leading law schools such as Oxford and Harvard. The reason why such a variety of jobs and further study options are available is the versatility of the five year law degree. Civil and criminal law are no longer the principal pillars of the five year law degree as students also study corporate and commercial law, mediation and negotiation, international law, intellectual property law, environmental law and human rights law, just to name a few disciplines. Consequently, the degree equips you, not just to be an accomplished lawyer but also a businessman, bureaucrat, diplomat, social activist or academician. Job applicants amongst the graduating batch at the National Law School this year were recruited at average annual salaries comparable to the top management schools. It goes without saying that financially the profession is hugely rewarding.

While searching for the perfect quote to begin this explanation of what lawyers really do, I faced the same problem I’m sure a lot of other people must have faced down the ages: people simply do not have nice things to say about lawyers! While jokes, one-liners and snide asides aimed at lawyers abound, not many people have taken the time to explain in simple words the work that lawyers perform on an everyday basis!

Fortunately, you won’t have to look much further than the quote above. At the most basic level, lawyers apply common sense to everyday and extraordinary situations alike. If you’re smart, think well on your feet, and love proving your point, the law is for you!

Whether it’s an intricate issue of constitutional law that will help preserve our fundamental rights, or a matter involving a simple traffic violation, a lawyer is called upon to resolve conflicts between people through the application of simple, everyday, common sense.

Lawyers do this in various places, and through different means. The most familiar image, of course, if of lawyers screaming their lungs out in courts of law, wearing what looks to some of us like a tacky black bathrobe more than anything else! Litigating lawyers, as these lawyers are called, represent their clients in court. Litigating lawyers are called upon to argue various kinds of issues, ranging from property matters to criminal matters, constitutional issues to matters of family law. Black and white and vociferous, these lawyers argue the law to make sure that their clients’ interests are represented in the best possible manner before those that will decide matters of a whole lot of importance to a whole lot of people.

Other lawyers work with corporate houses, or in law firms that service corporates. Here, lawyers work mainly as facilitators, helping companies work smoothly, efficiently, and within the boundaries of the law. Lawyers help business work in the best possible manner, and are an extremely important part of any business transaction. Huge mergers, large stock market issues, and foreign investments are all very cool to talk about, but unless you have someone who understands how these things work, and can get them done in the best possible way, all you’ll ever do is talk about them! Simply put, without lawyers, many corporate would find themselves struggling to understand how to actually put their ideas in place. Lawyers make it happen!


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