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About Us


For the development of legal education, the Chaturvedi Har Prasad Society laid the foundation of the legal institution at a very peculiar situation. T.R.C. Law College is affiliated with Dr. R.M.L. Avadh University of Ayodhya U.P since 2006. The Vision of the institution aligned with the T.R.C. Law College. It has been portrayed as a symbol that gives a signal of noble service of educations; like an awakening of youth, a commitment to the uplift of the especially backward people, and a challenge to work together.

Originally built as T.R.C. Law College, was founded in the name of Shri Tika Ram Chaturvedi (TRC), The inspiration for society Members and others, which was established at the holy place of Saptrishi (Satrikh) Barabanki, UP in the year 2006 to the needs of young students seeking Legal Education in Barabanki, so the T.R.C. Law College as first law college was established. Initially three years LL.B. Degree course was introduced, in the year 2006 and five year integrated course B.A. LL.B. was introduced to attract more young and students in 2014. Many successful students of the College have occupied top positions in various fields like Advocacy, Corporate Practice, Chamber Practice, Management, Government offices and many reputed fields.
Faculties at T.R.C. Law College are members of the intellectual branch of the Board of Life Members Management. The Board of Management is the apex executive body of the society to assist and advise the life members on educational matters. At the institutional level, The Principal, educational Coordinators, Administration Corridors play a key role in the formulation and implementation of quality policies, in consolation with the active cooperation of other faculty members and students.


Vasudev Nagar,
Satrikh, Barabanki-225122,
U.P. - India


Phone: +91 8756271333